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Great application for report writing… but missing some features

I’ve been using Scrivener to prepare and write reports, which can be from 10 to 100 pages or more. It is a beautifully-designed, incredibly flexible and efficient application. I can prepare, write, organize and revise faster in Scrivener than with any other tool I have tried. My main issues: - no paragraph style sheets that can be read by Word when exported - table features are very limited, so I end up preparing tables in Word and then integrating them by copying and pasting or after compiling the finished product - compiling documents probably works fine for novels and screenplays, but does not seem well-adapted to report writing (at least for the rpeorts I write) - it is an individual author app — no practical way to collaborate with another writer on the same project

Love it, but...

I definitely love this app! It has ALMOST everything I always wanted inside a single app… But, is because of the “ALMOST” it’s not getting 5 stars. Inspite of having great new and innovative features (not only for movie writters) a few features available in apps like Microsoft Word are missing, such as mathtype, and fluxograms… I know you guys offer other softwares as add-ons, but… As a costumer, I think this feedback is kind of nice: We rather buy one complete app for a higher price, than buy it in parts. I also think the interface looks a little amateur, but this is only a very personal opinion... Anyway… Kudos to the Scrivener Team, Scrivener is amazing!

Essential for Writers

Perfect tool thats powerful enough to make every step of the writing process easier, but blends in the background when needed as not to disrupt. Its flexible and can be used for all kinds of writing and especially useful for big projects that require extensive research and planning. Id have given 10 stars if it had been possible.

Very happy with Scrivener ...

... for three reasons: it keeps all my background and reference documents within a single project, together with my writing; it has great autosave and auto-backup; and it syncs seamlessly with PlainText on the iPad. I still use Word, but only for final compilation and formatting. My workflow is perfect now.

Perfect for writing thesis

I am working on my bachelor thesis degree, and have had problems with unorganised documents and references. In Scrivener, you can put everything in one place ( I know everyone has said this already) plus cross-referencing, formatting, and converting into pdf had never been easier. Definitely worth the 36 euros spent!

critical bug

Creating a new project takes forever or better freezes the program (in my case).In other words, doesnt work.

Waiting for the mobile app

I love Scrivener. For me it is the best writing tool currently available. However, I dearly miss a mobile version. The workarounds with Dropbox, etc. are clumsy and I definitely don’t want to carry my MacBook Pro all the time when I work on my writings.

Stuttering when working on iMac Retina with OS X 10.10.2

Using an iMac Retina under OS X Yosemite (10.10.2) Scrivener frequently stutters when I’m writing and sometimes crashes.

GREAT writing software !!

I am very excited that Scrivener 2.0.5 is now on the App Store.. I was waiting for it release since the App Store open! Scrivener is a great software for writer and student doing writing assigments & reports... I just love it! Very simple to use and keep your writing project organized. This is the best writing software on the App store, just download the demo and see it yourself... Thanks Scrivener !

What a great piece of software!

I am amazed. I am a grad student working on my Ph.d thesis and, as most people do, I hate being forced to handle layout considerations when all I want is to focus on the content of my writings. So I used to work on Latex, which solves the issue but clutters the text with too much noise with the tags of all kind. Screvener gets me the best of the two worlds and I believe I havent produced as much content before I start my screvener trial (the 30 day trial is freely available on their website). Needless to say, I love the concept and the apps UI is wonderful. Big fan, definetly worth every penny! Keep on the hard work guys. Thanks.

Diverse! Flexible and Nice!

Im in the process of writing a scientific paper as well as helping to edit a screenplay (dont ask!) and i stumbled upon this because i was looking for a full screen editor with typewriter mode. WOW… seriously wow! I got the trial version from the website to see if it would do everything that it says it does (which is great!). I find the way it helps organize thoughts and concepts to be very intuitive and flexible and one can get down to writing without worrying.

Great for organizing papers, manuscripts, ideas, AND epic storylines!

By profession and education, Im in the sciences/public health field and so essentially, writing papers and organizing thoughts for theses or reports is essential. By nature, I am a writer and I enjoy producing intricate storylines that need constant check-ups for story, character and overall writing consistency. For the longest time, I have also been cultivating a long "epic fantasy" (or high fantasy for those who like that term better) manuscript. Since leaving behind my Sony VAIO for my MacBook, I have desperately searched for a program that would (a) handle intense word processing, (b) organizing documents for theses, references, or plain old self-made cartographic contraptions or hand-drawn diagrams, and (c) was easy to use with a smooth, seamless interface. I found that Scrivener gave me the most bang for my buck. Things youll enjoy: (A) Full-screen, writing-only mode, i.e. "COMPOSE" mode -- you can have a thought-provoking background image get you through the writing, OR just have a black background. (B) Multiple templates for screenwriters, script writers, and what have you. (C) SNAPSHOT FEATURES. This is incredible, especially if youre not sure about changing something in a particular document. (D) QuickRef windows allow you to have your diagram/reference document open as you type away on the main screen -- no flipping between documents (E) Extensive how-tos and help on the developer site (F) Did I mention its got a great user interface? Yes, it takes a little while to get a hang of the BAJILLION FUNCTIONS, but once youve settled down, its like having your editor (for epic fantasy writers out there) or your peer review group (for those who like to use it for research writing, like myself) in your room. Its got a clean, pleasant interface and it literally MAKES you want to write whatever it is youre writing. If you want a program thats got the most bang for your buck, this ones it.

Great way to get a draft written

As I spend more time in scrivener, I continue to think of ways to use it. I bought the program to help with the cumbersome task of hammering out the first draft of a research paper, which is always the hardest part of the process. Im also finding the tools for editing and revision useful, and realising that it can be an invaluable resource for compiling research material, groups of notes on a particular topic, or brainstorming ideas that will eventually form into a piece of creative fiction. Scrivener continues to make all of these tasks easier by having the right tools available, no matter what task Im working on, or the process I need to use to write. Scrivener is much smoother, easier to use, and full-featured than the price tag would suggest! Great app!

Liberating for ideas and writing. Highly refined.

This is a highly refined program that allows you to organize your thoughst and take the painful first steps of forming difficult or large writing / academic projects.

someone extremely smart created this

This is an amazing and incredibly mature piece of software. It reeks of geeky craftsmanship. There is no question the developer is also a user, and has extensive experience — presumably many, many years of experience — with the idiosyncratic needs of Scrivener users. The feature set is huge, but amazingly well-conceived and stable. As I have explored the app, I kept expecting to encounter trouble from the interaction of so many complex features — bugs, or at least unintended consequences and puzzling results. Nope. It seems stable and coherent so far. The feature may be numerous and complex, but they have obviously been very carefully implemented. Its not perfect, but the imperfections are trivial: for instance, some of the graphical user interface elements are a bit quaint and amateurish. But such minor issues do not lose the app even one star.

Good for Uni.

Im not a writer, but I use this tool for University. Mostly for my Maths-Calculus lectures in combination with Mathtype. works amazinglly well. In fact, the math-type integration & ability to sort UNI notes was one of my primary intrests about the application. In case anyones wondering if doing calculus on a Mac is doable, yah it is, I got an 87 in my exam. Id reccomend math-type and a graphics tablet though, keyboard alone wont do it. Very rich in all the features you can think of. The only thing that would be cool would be an extra integration with a drawing application l ike Photoshop (the way Math-type was done), so one could do a quick doodle and insert it quickly into your note. (I use a graphics tablet, Wacom Intious 5).

Absolutely Amazing

Ive been waiting decades for an app like this. Ive tried everything under the sun, including open source and I always went back to MS Word due to the fact that nothing impressed me more than the overly priced piece of bloatware that Ive used for years. After using Manuscript and being about as let down as one can be, I tried the demo of this one before I bought it. My expectations were low but after toying with it for less than an hour, I knew that this was exactly what I was looking for. It is incredibly mature and allows you to keep all of your ideas in one place. It allows me to keep my thoughts organized and I find that its even a great building tool for development and programming as well. Im in love. I love it so much that I recommended a demo of the Windows version to my son since he also programs and writes out storyboards, and he fell in love with it right away too. This truly is an amazing piece of software that is obviously used by the developer. The only con to this app is that it didnt exist 10 years ago. Dont take my word for how great this is though. Be smart and try the demo from the Developers site first. Different people have different needs. As a suggestion to the developer: I would like to see an export option for Pages, but its really not a deal-breaker since I can export as rtf.

Fabulous Software

This is great software for doing academic writing. It allows you to have all of your digital source material in one place, along with the various drafts of your writing, rather than having them scattered around on your hard drive. The manual and tutorials are a great help in getting you started. Now if the App Store folks would get their act together and approve the latest version, Id be perfectly happy.

Beautiful, feature-rich and easy to use

Scrivener is, hands down, one of the most elegant and feature-rich applications I have ever seen; not just within its genre, but in general. It supports pretty much everything and anything you could imagine to do when it comes to working on ideas, writing and presenting texts of all sorts. At the same time, it is simple and intuitive to use; a rare combination of complexity and simplicity; conceptually coherent and implemented in the right way. Big ups to the guys and gals at Literature & Latte!

Revolutionized my research & writing process

Just amazing. If youre a student, or someone who writes extensively in any capacity, you need to use this program. Thank you so much to the entire Literature & Latte team. I would give it 6 stars out of 5 if I could.

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